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Late Late Nite FDL: From the Department of Don’t Everybody Cry at Once

Alas, we knew this day would come, but who could have predicted that it would come so soon?

In a development that should surprise absolutely no-one, Pox News’s “answer” to the Daily Show, the Half-Hour News Hour has been cancelled. How tragic. How completely unexpected.

Apparently the ugly truth about conservatives only being funny when they’re trying to be serious has hit home with Fox, or maybe it was the abysmal ratings, but the network has wisely (for once) taken this particularly embarrassing misstep in their evil plan out behind the barn and put a bullet through its head.

I never even saw it. Did anybody actually see it? Or Michelle MalKKKin’s little project, “The Blog Report” or “Out There!” or whatever they were going to call it?

Don’t be upset. It was a mercy killing. (Tim Curry, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”)

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