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Jeebus Returns … In A Kitchen Cabinet Door

Jeebus came again — this time in the stained wood graining of a kitchen cabinet door:

Kitchen Cabinet Jesus

A cabinet door inside the Manchester, Connecticut home of Malynda and Eric Smith shows an image of Jesus, according to the couple.

The Smiths say they have lived in the house for about a year, and never noticed anything different about the cabinet.

But, most people who look at it see the image of Jesus.

The Smiths say they have no plans to sell the cabinet for profit…they claim that would be bad luck.

We can add this one to appearances of Jeebus/the Blessed Virgin Mary sightings in pasta dishes, burnt toast, grilled cheese, water stains, tree trunks (1. ; 2.), an x/ray, and dripped chocolate.


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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen