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How did I get on this guy's distribution list?

Mike Hein, of the Christian Civic League of Maine apparently wants to pimp his anti-gay commentary over at The Peter’s pad. With a title like “Pro-Homosexuality ELCA Is Not Lutheran, and Not Christian“, how could I resist? Have at it folks…

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America’s (ELCA) recent affirmation of its acceptance of homosexuality in its clergy is beyond unfortunate.  It’s beyond wrong.

…The ELCA denomination is the cross that real Lutherans have to bear. Whenever the ELCA makes another foray into Truth-hating, Christ-hating apostasy, invariably the headline reads, “Lutherans embrace homosexuality,” or “Lutherans tolerant of abortion,” or “Lutherans defile Christ,” or some such heresy.  Often, the media make no distinction between Lutheran denominations, and often, no mention of conservative Lutheran denominations is written or heard.

So let me be clear: if you hear of a brand or sect of Lutherans who are embracing wickedness and evil, look for the ELCA label.  Understand that not even God-fearing Christians who call themselves Lutherans recognize the ELCA as Lutheran.  Most would not recognize the ELCA as a Christian denomination.  They’re closer to the Unitarian Universalists than anything else.

Martin Luther himself would try to cast out the demons from ELCA members if he were alive today and saw these ELCA abominations perpetrated in his name.

Oh my.

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