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A Blender's letter to Bob Allen

This letter just dropped in my inbox, and I have permission to share. Blender Chuck M. sent a confidence-boosting missive to Florida State Rep. Bob “BJ” Allen. He said:

I have watched the liberal media attack Rep. Bob Allen. I have written him a letter of support because I believe in fairness, benefit of the doubt, and “innocent until proven guilty.”

Read the letter after the jump. Protect your keyboards.

Dear Representative Allen:

I was very moved by the story of your recent difficulties. When you found yourself in that park surrounded by black men, and you feared that some racial violence might go down, you used your head and came up with a brilliant plan to remain safe until the whole thing could blow over.  You demonstrated not only quick thinking, but lots of spunk. You must have been terrified to find yourself alone in a public restroom with a large black man.

Odds are, of course, that he was perfectly harmless, rational and sane, but you just never know when you’re going to get a nut. My God, you could have been set upon and sliced to pieces, like those contractors in Iraq a couple years ago, your mutilated corpse hung from a bridge for all to see– sort of a human fillet show. But I have great faith in your quick thinking and ability, and I think that had the individual you encountered not been an undercover officer, you would have been able to jerk any potential assailant around, thus allowing you to slip away before there could be any shooting. Had it come to blows, however, I have no doubt you could have easily manhandled an attacker. After all, you are a well-built man, not some little squirt.

Even so, it took great courage to stand erect in the face of potential danger, and I make no bones about my wholehearted support for you. Come what may, your bravery and ingenuity will see you through this crisis as your political opponents try to use this incident to give you the shaft. Go deep within yourself and you will find what you need to stiffen your resolve. You will encounter those who will doubt you, who may become hostile and go off on you.

I foresee many sticky situations for you in the months ahead. Just stick to your guns and show them you can not only take a licking, but you can give as good as you get. To use a baseball metaphor, you might have to take a few balls on the chin, but I know you’ll come out swinging.

Hang in there!

Your ardent supporter,
Chuck M.

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