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And Now A Moment of Manly Therapy

happy_harvick.jpgThe men here at FDL are feeling a bit — well, inadequate in the wake of Susan Collins’ staff member referring to us as a “foul-mouthed fem blog.” So I thought a few professional words on masculinity from Dr. Helen would be just the salve they needed (via Instaputz):

I have seen this fear of manliness in many modern husbands and fathers. Some men today are afraid of appearing like their own fathers, whom they thought of as unfair, controlling or condescending to women—the son swears he will not act the same way. Unfortunately, he often goes to the opposite extreme of letting his wife or others run all over him. These men are often doing dishes, watching the kids and earning much of the money all the while feeling guilty if anyone is unhappy with them. If you think this may be your problem, I have a couple of suggestions. Pick up a copy of How To Be a Man by John Birmingham and learn how to gain more self-confidence in being a man. In addition, get The Dangerous Book for Boys and build a treehouse, make a go-cart or learn to engage in fun activities that will make you appreciate how much fun it is to be a man. Ignore the societal pressures and male bashing and practice carrying yourself with pride until it feels real.

Scarecrow is giving up needlepoint and buying a muzzle loader. TRex and Teddy are at Eddie Bauer picking out brush clearing ensembles and Pach is trying to figure out who’s cuter, Kevin Harvick or Tony Stewart. Swopa has taken up chewing tobacco, but doesn’t feel quite manly spitting ambeer into an Odwalla bottle. Everyone wants a codpiece.

Wingnut wisdom to the rescue.

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