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Open thread – Q of the day

I asked this over at A’blog, but it will be interesting to see how/if there is a difference in ranking…

What are your top three outrages perpetrated by the Bush Administration? I know, I know, it’s almost impossible to keep it to three, but take a crack at it — Iraq, Katrina, the Plame/CIA leak, torture is A-OK, Abu Ghraib, Habeus Corpus, Libby’s pardon, Supreme Court picks, warrentless wiretapping, faith-based programs, ignoring/working to deny climate change, EPA lies about toxicity at Ground Zero, conditions at Walter Reed; endless “signing statements,” ludicrous claims of executive privilege, Gonzogate, lack of body armor, training and supplies for the troops; the elections and voter disenfranchisement; Dick Cheney shooting a friend in the face and the attempted coverup…good grief, where to begin?

Link and blogwhore away…

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