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Morning Cuppa Benign Neglect

Rove leavesIt appears TNH has figured out how to get rid of the Bush/Cheney regime: just ignore them.

After spending two years digging through every document she could find (e.g., like this) to detail all the ways in which Karl Rove helped reveal Valerie Plame’s identity, lie about it to the Grand Jury, compromise criminal prosecutions at the Department of Justice, purge the DoJ of career attorneys, undermine the voting rights of countless Americans, smear opponents of both parties, organize a campaign to politicize the entire government by violating the Hatch Act and generally giving the White House some of the most unethical political strategies ever conceived to deliberately divide the American people, Marcy just stopped giving him so much attention. Result: Karl Rove is leaving.

All Karl ever wanted was to be left alone to work in secret to destroy America’s political landscape, and not be held accountable. His job was to create a permanent Republican majority, and he failed beyond his wildest nightmares. There will be celebrations all over America, including within the Republican Party, which is in the process of self immolation because it followed his advice. But Bob Novak must be heartbroken.

We should ask Marcy to ignore Cheney and Bush for 30 days and test this new approach. It has promise.

You can use this thread as a caption contest for the photo. How about: “Rove demonstrates using RNC cell phone to evade Presidential Records Act.”

Update: Oh dear. Marcy couldn’t leave well enough alone. She’s such an optimist.

Photo: Larry Downing/Reutures.

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