Early this morning I drove in the rain
Out to the airport to get on the plane
Hey Honololu, were going to happy Hawaii

We’re leaving on a jet plane tomorrow this morning straight into the teeth of Hurricane Flossie (and if I have to die in a hurricane would it be too much to ask for something a little more butch sounding than Flossie? Hurricane Dirk. Hurricane Hairy Thunderer. Hurricane Ace-o-spades. Okay. Never mind that one).

I’m taking my laptop along, but blogging will be somewhat spotty as the lovely and talented Casey and I will be trying to get the lay of the land around the campus before practices start. This will be my first time in Honolulu other than as a stopover on the way to Maui, so I’m really looking forward to leaving the tourists in San Diego to co-mingle with the tourists on Waikiki Beach.

Kill me now.

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