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Shock jock robo-potty Mayor Naugle torched by FL newspaper editorial

The homobigoted $250K robo-potty mayor of Fort Lauderdale went on the air as a shock jock this past Friday. Jim Naugle co-hosted WTFL’s “Mitchell & Morley in the Morning” radio show and continued his self-aggrandizing bleating by blaming the uproar over his anti-gay remarks on political correctness.

“We need to tell it like it is and not be bashed by the media for speaking the truth,” Naugle said.

After all was said and done though, Naugle said the robotic toilets will no longer be installed because they will be budgeting that money for other needed park improvements.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board blasted Naugle for his narrow, and barely sane behavior over the imaginary gay sex going on in the beach restrooms of his city.

Who knows what drives Naugle’s inexplicable, shallow characterization of gay and lesbian people. If nothing else, you’d think the leader of a city with a vibrant gay community would at least have a better understanding of his citizenry.

Clearly, he doesn’t. And when Naugle, mayor of Broward’s largest city, goes on his diatribes, he does a humiliating disservice to the city he claims he loves.

The man loves publicity. He loves feeding his ego. If that was ever in doubt, just note that he co-hosted a South Florida radio talk show Friday morning.

…Naugle was elected to be mayor of the entire city and all its people, but obviously he feels he can use his bully pulpit to continue spewing his bile against one group he obviously detests. He feels he has the title of mayor of Fort Lauderdale, and he can say whatever he wants, no matter how hurtful or divisive — or nonsensical. With those traits, maybe he can set the groundwork for a talk show career.

But it’s embarrassing for everyone to think he’s actually the mayor, when he has lost credibility as a leader. The year 2009, when Naugle is term-limited out, can’t come soon enough.

There’s video here.

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