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Fag Crackers & LOGO???

I was on another blog site earlier and noticed this article… http://www.queerty.c…

Essentially it tosses the famed Race Card into the whole Gay Rights campaign while pointing a finger at various groups including the LOGO Tv Network which, in my personal opnion, is one of the biggest jokes going other than maybe HERE Tv… either of which have a line up of on-going B rate shows that are shown over and over and over again.

What's that got to do with the Race thing? You ask.

When I first found LOGO about a year or so back I discovered a new show called NOAH's ARC which I grew very fond of.  That is, until I got sick and tired of seeing the hype on the screen about their “second season” for about the 4th season in a row now.  In other words, where's the new footage and storylines?  This was a fairly decent show that was well written, full of fun characters that gave us all a decent perspective of the Gay Black world.  Granted, they could go further and like QAF I believe that they can cover a lot of the more “seedy” issues common to that culture as well as the Hispanic side of the same.

I'm as white as they come, but I think this minister has a right to complain just a bit… we are not seeing a significant amount of “dark meat” on the screen or in the gay/lesbian publications.  More important, we are not finding “ethnic” role models which are desperately needed right now, so the young black, hispanic and asian kids that are struggling with their sexuality and the machismo B.S. of their inner-city culture, can at least say to themselves, “this don't have to be… it's ok to be me.” 

Most of the time I get a bit “bent” when it comes to someone screaming about racial issues in that some of what we hear (alot of it actually) has become rather petty by comparison to what is actually important. In this case I believe what is important is the human issue that is at the core of things; the kind of representation that delivers inspiration, direction, hope and genuine PRIDE.  As I white man this is what I have always encouraged in others, including the kids I've helped raise over the years who just happen to have a touch of that black and hispanic blood flowing through them and yet, they can stand tall, confident and focused.

From within our community we have reason for doing some house cleaining or “Healing” as it were.  At the top of that list we should find the idea of embracing our more color-bound brothers & sisters and recognizing that they do have social and cultural issues when it comes to the idea of LIVING OUT that we cracker white fagots couldn't even begin to comprehind.  

I think we need to kick LOGO in the bobo and get them to step up to the proverbial plate when it comes to this issue.  I also think that we need to encourage black men and women who are “quiet” about their sexual orientations to get loud and be proud.  More so, they need to help their fellows to come to terms and step out of both, the sexually deprived closet and the lie of cultural masculinity.  

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Craig Browning

Craig Browning