Sunday Five Brothers BloggingAll your straw vote are belong to us

Finally. All of that hard work (and six million dollars) paid off and 4516 Iowans, with nothing better to do until cow-tipping season begins, showed up for a free bus ride and lunch to select Mitt Romney as the bestest person in the world to win the War On Terror by strapping evildoers to his car roof and driving real fast until they shit themselves. Hey, if he’d do it to his dog, one can only imagine what he would do to an Islamonotlatterdaysaintian.

In honor of the Five Brothers choosing to not serve in Iraq and instead attempting to get their dad elected President and then cashing in on the connections, the Romney campaign wisely elected to dress their volunteers (the Mittiots) in yellow

…so the boys could mingle without being noticed.

Unless you looked for the crazy eyes.

Josh Romney will now drive the MittMobile through all thirteen, wait ten, no no, fourteen, yeah, that’s it, fourteen counties of Massachusetts which unfortunately doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of Iowa:

I’m a little sad to be nearing the end of my tour of Iowa as I visited the 97th and 98th counties yesterday, although I must admit that I am excited both for the Iowa State Fair and the Ames Straw poll coming up. From what I hear you can get any sort of deep fried treat you’d like at the fair, I’m hoping for a Snickers. The life sized butter cow promises to be another highlight. As for Ames, I can’t wait to see family and friends and work hard to get my dad a victory there.

Tagg and I visited Albert, the world’s largest bull, in Audubon County.

Proving, once again, that it’s not heaven. It’s Iowa.

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