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This is My First Time…

Well, this won't be earth shattering… I'm new to the House Blend and just wanted to say HI to all, this will prove an interesting transition for me.

 Some may know me from MySpace or some of the more specialized forums I'm involved with professionally, as such you all know I call a spade a spade and believe the idea of being Politically Correct is one of the worse philosophies on the planet.  Then again, I strive to be pragmatic in my views and as fair as possible even though some believe me about as subtle as a bull in a china shop or that 800 lb Gorilla in your living room.

I'm a GWM turning 48 in roughly 3 weeks.  I'm single and have been celibate since 1991 (only the first couple of years of that were voluntary and intentional… since then sex has simply proven non-existent in my life… not by my doing, mind you.) Catch is, I reside in the Lesbian Capitol of the U.S. (Northampton, MA) which makes it all the less likely that I'll find Mr. Right anytime soon… presently my only significant other wieghs about 12 lbs is black and goes meow…

 If you haven't caught on, I have a very droll (dark) sense of humor so brace yourselves.

I worked in professional stage magic for over 35 years.  Today I work as a Psychic Reader & Metaphysical Counselor as well as Psychic Entertainer (a.k.a. Mind Reader).  I also conduct full-evening Mystery Dinner Shows that have a Psychic or Esoteric theme such as re-enactments of 19th century Seances and a Murder Mystery in which I play a Psychic Detective.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  It is believed that I've been battling it since my early teens but thanks to our wonderful health & insurance system in this country, it took nearly 35 years before I was diagnosed.  Of course we wont include all the other associative complications this entails, including my having a 'mild' emostional breakdown before being able to get the help and medical attention required… needless to say, I one of Michael Moore's biggest banner wavers when it comes to the film SICKO as well as another production known as THE CORPORATION.  

Over the past few months I've been preparing to do some limited traveling in hopes of getting comfortable with that idea and bringing some level of reprise to my former line of work.  Aside from shows and workshops in psychic development I also do public talks on Psychic Fraud and Dangerous Cult Awareness as well as life as a person living with multiple health challenges in today's world.

I'm an avid writer on multiple topics, very outspoken when it comes to the Christian-Right WRONG and of course everyone's favorite idiot, George W & Co.

For more insight on me visit my page at MySpace as well as Dodinsky's FRIDAY NIGHT DISCUSSION GROUP.


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Craig Browning

Craig Browning