The local media of San Diego covered something about a few of the firefighters are going against their supervisor because they say that he “forced them to march in the pride parade”.  While marching, those who “marched against their will” stated that they were sexually harassed by the spectators.

1. If they were forced to marched, then I would be against that action.  It's like being forced to go to church or a mosque or something that is against my will.

2. If being hit on by some of the spectators is bad enough, wait until the SDFD firefighters get exploited by James Hartline, the Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, and those El Cajon fundies who protested in front of Petco Park when the San Diego Gay Men's Choir sang the national anthem.  James Hartline would do any desperate dirty deed to end SD Pride, so this would be a catalyst to do that (and hopefully it would fail).

Story from Dandy Don's bullshizzle news site

Any feedback by other Blenders (especially the San Diego Blenders) about what happened at Pride?

Blood From Machines

Blood From Machines