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“You Work For Us Summer Tour”: Vacate This

The Go-Gos and “Our Lips Are Sealed.”  Dear Congress and WH:  Not if we can help it…Signed, Your Pissed Off Constituents

The George Bush press conference today was one of the most convoluted non-answer-filled jumbles and dodges that I’ve seen in quite some time.  Given the climate in Washington these days, that is really saying something.  But one thing came across loud an clear in a question regarding accountability, the Libby case and the mess at the DOJ:  George Bush accepts no responsibility for anything.  And he thinks that Congressional oversight is less than necessary.  And that his policies are the only way to “prevent future 9/11s.”  And then it was off to many more days of vacation.

Chris Matthews came right onto MSNBC to say that it was powerful and that he was listening to one of the great neoconservative minds, Paul Wolfowitz, with whom he had lunch at some point prior to 9/11.  “This President is ready to fight like a rock…and he made it clear that he is willing to stay and fight to establish democracy in Iraq.”  Chuck Todd notes that the President is picking a fight on taxes with Congress — and that this maybe the one thing that Bush has in order to keep the lockstep base in line, the “scary taxes” issue that gets trumpeted across the Wurlitzer for election purposes.

And where is a Democratic response to all of this?  *crickets thus far*  (Although I suppose we should be grateful with “leadership” like this spew from Harold Ford.  Good gravy!  Don’t know about you, but I think I’ll set the TIVO to stun for the Kos/Ford match-up on MTP this Sunday…)

You want to know what my response is?  Get in their faces and tell them you don’t like what you are hearing, and especially what they are doing.  More of the same in Iraq?  Not good enough.  Handing over our civil liberties?  Wrong.  Misplaced domestic priorities and more corporate tax cuts at the expense of an increased deficit?  No thank you.

Jane and several readers have found the following:

August 9 — Nancy Pelosi will be in Stamford, CT at a fundraiser for Chris Murphy at Il Falco Restaurant, 59 Broad Street, from 12:00 – 1:30 pm.

August 10 — Jim Clyburn will be at the “Grand Clyburn” golf tournament in Tunica, Mississippi.

August 12-14 — Nancy Pelosi will be touring New Orleans and Mississippi

August 15 — Harry Reid will be in Pahrump, NV at a town hall meeting at the Bob Ruud Community Center, Highway 160 and Basin Street from 11:30 am until 1pm.

August 21 — Steny Hoyer will conduct a town hall meeting in Syracuse, NY on the war in Iraq, time and place to be determined.

If you have some public event information for your elected officials, do share in the comments. The only way — and I mean the ONLY way — they are going to get the message is if we take it directly to them. Send letters, FAXes, e-mails and postcards. Write in letters to the editor in your hometown paper. Go to public meetings and speak your mind. Go to local political meetings and do the same. Set up a private meeting with them or their staffers. Or, better yet, do all of the above.

And while you are at it, take a few minutes to sign the Move-On petition against the craptastic FISA legislation.

Lobbyists and wingnut welfare groups spare no expense in doing this on a constant basis. It is up to us to make certain that our side has a voice in the mix with every single elected official we can contact. Citizenship isn’t something that you just get, it is something that you DO. Now, let’s get to work…what are you doing today to hold your elected officials accountable?

PS — Those who are represented by Randy Kuhl in NY, do keep this in mind.  Creepy, reckless and stupid, and a whole bunch of other words that add up to “what a doofus.”

UPDATE:  Reader mui found two more appearances of note (H/T to reader dakine for the heads up on the comment):

— Rep. Steny Hoyer will be doing a fundraising appearance for Brad Ellsworth in IN this month.  If anyone has details on this, let us know.

Rep. Jim Clyburn will be leading a congressional delegation to the Gulf Coast through Mississippi and Louisiana from August 12-14.

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