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Not enough Humvees for troop training, so simulations are used

What was that about supporting the troops? (Raw Story):

U.S. Army bases have begun to use computer simulators to familiarize soldiers with combat driving techniques for the “up-armored” Humvee because the military has not provided enough of the vehicles to allow for troop training, a RAW STORY investigation has found.

…Dick Gerding, vice president of business operations for MPRI’s simulator group and a former longtime Army infantryman, said most new Humvees are delivered straight to the front lines overseas and therefore are unavailable for troop training.

…”We don’t have enough of them built to train [soldiers] … so, drivers don’t get training on them until they get to Iraq,” Gerding said.

…When asked if the shortage of up-armored vehicles has affected the Army’s ability to properly prepare troops behind the wheel before deployment, [Army Public Information Officer Major Thomas] McCuin declined to respond, instead saying he would pass on the information to RAW STORY at a later time. He did not.

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