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Fool You How Many Times?

286_mccain.jpgGreg Sargent is right. The media are collaborating in a full court press to convince Americans that the situation in Iraq is getting better and even the “war critics” agree.

Latest from ABC News:

‘Improving Security Situation’
U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Enjoys a Day in Ramadi With No Flack Jacket

Well gee. Maybe he just didn’t want to look like a complete tit like Joe Lieberman.

In the midst of all this good-time news, the fact that the US military death toll is the highest it’s ever been for a July since the war started just does not seem to be getting reported:

July 2003: 48
July 2004: 54
July 2005: 54
July 2006: 43
July 2007: 80

Over and over again, Our Elite Media keep getting suckered by the same flim-flam.

I hear Karl Rove’s post-White House plans include the sale of Minneapolis bridges to the Washington Post.

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