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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Crazy People Edition

registered republicanThe Good: Minneapolis’ new municipal Wi-Fi network was a boon on the day the I-35W bridge collapsed. Not only did it help the first responders communicate and coordinate, it relieved some of the immense post-collapse pressure on the local land-line and cellphone systems, keeping them from buckling under the strain.

The Bad: Everyone’s favorite tacky group of energy creatures, the Phelps family (aka “the Westboro Baptist Church”, which is made up almost entirely of Fred Phelps’ offspring), is planning to picket the I-35W funerals. Fortunately, most of us by now know that the best way to handle these people is to deprive them of the chance to provoke someone into smacking them in the face.

The Ugly: What could be more pathetically funny, in a sweetly schadenfreudelicious way, than a closeted, self-hating, racist gay Republican being outed in the most embarrassing way possible, short of actually being busted wearing a French maid’s outfit? It’s when this same closeted, self-hating, racist gay Republican’s outer shell matches his inner self to a T.

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Phoenix Woman