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Another love letter from Pastor Billy Ball

Fred Phelps wannabe Pastor Billy Ball, of Primrose, Georgia’s Faith Baptist Church is a regular reader of the Blend.

UPDATE: Amber of the Georgia Podcast Network wrote me with something fun — she interviewed Pastor Billy Ball.

Saw the post on your site about Billy Ball. Last year at ATL Pride, my boyfriend and I (well, really just my boyfriend, while I stood there in awe of the whole thing) interviewed Billy Ball for our podcast. You can listen to it here. Skip to about 10 minutes in if you want to skip past the interviews with other people and get straight to the craziness.

The anti-gay minister sends creative, colorful emails to me every so often and they are batsh*t crazy. The latest is no exception. It is below the fold.I’m not sure what’s up with the running puppy graphic.

Just wanted to add a little spice to your never ending pursuit of Truth ! ENJOY !!

Pastor, Billy Ball – Rom.1:16

To: Pastor Billy Ball
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 3:42 PM
Subject: Is AIDS primarily a Sodomite Disease??? Read the Following

The homosexual agenda says that AIDS is not specifically a homosexual disease. They say that it can’t be the judgment of God on sodomy because heterosexuals get it too. Is that so???

Homosexuality: Revolution in Ruins
James L. Fletcher, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Fletcher is a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and completed a residency in Family Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. After practicing in Sparta, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia, he became assistant professor of medicine at The Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

(the following in an exerpt from the above mentioned article)

“The HIV has been isolated from lymphocytes, blood, bone marrow cells, spinal fluid, rain tissue, lymph nodes, semen, saliva and tears, so that multiple body tissues and fluids must be regarded as potentially infective. Yet, HIV, is apparently not spread casually, but rather by intimate contact, usually by sexual intercourse with one who has the disease (or contact with his/her infected body fluids–such as blood and semen) or by sharing dirty needles. These modes of transmission of the disease correlate with those who have been shown in study after study to be at highest risk of contracting AIDS. Thus far, roughly 70-75% of cases have occurred among male homosexuals (or bisexuals) and about 10-15% of remaining cases are among intravenous drug abusers. Others affected have included hemophiliacs (who have received blood products infected with HIV for treatment of their blood clotting disorder), heterosexual (especially female) sexual contacts of those with AIDS, babies born to mothers with AIDS, and a few healthcare workers. Thus, although homosexual activists point to cases of AIDS involving heterosexual transmission of the disease, nonetheless it seems an inescapable conclusion that there is something about the specific sexual practices of male homosexuals that predisposes of this dread affliction. Sobering, also, is the fact that extensive abnormalities of the immune system have been found among “well” homosexual men who did not have AIDS, whereas no similar abnormalities were documented among a comparison group. If homosexual practice apart from AIDS is healthy, why do these laboratory abnormalities exist?”

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