You’re nobody until somebody ISBN’s youWith a secret handshake, wheels were set in motion…

Tired of the big liberal publishing houses returning your manuscripts to you with the crayon all smudged and an attached note that implores you to “seek help”?

Let’s face it…you’ve spent years (or months…or days) working on your startling expose that proves that Bill Clinton has been conspiring with the RECONSTRUCTED LIVING BRAIN OF JOHN F. KENNEDY to hand the country over to a supersecret evil cabal comprised of Osama Bin Laden, Fidel Castro, and Larry King…. and even Regnery Publishing turned you down (too wordy, pop-ups were too expensive to produce).

Well here’s your chance to finally show your mom that you are so an author.

Have you written a manuscript and you’re tired of being rejected by the traditional publishing houses? Townhall Press wants to be your book publisher. We can turn your manuscript into a high-quality book and make it available to 25,000 bookstores and on the Internet – all in less than 90 days. Townhall Press is an on-demand book publisher, and a part of Townhall.com – one of the leading self-publishers on the Internet. Send us your manuscript today and within 90 days we’ll promote it on Townhall.com and Amazon.com in high-quality paperback or hardcover editions.

You too could be writing books like SOUL BAPTISM

Ever think it could be possible for a fundamentalist Baptist who believes in the Calvinistic doctrine of “eternal security” to be in full fellowship with a tongue-talking Pentecostal, who coming from the Arminianism camp believes a saved individual can fall away into perdition?

Or For Such a Time as This

For Such a Time As This is a five week Bible study that challenges single Christians to discover and surrender to God’s purpose and plan for them, and truly experience the great, unsearchable riches of Christ while serving and placing Him first in one’s life. Walk through the scorching fires of Nebuchadnezzar’s unmerciful furnace, grace the twinkling, rolling hills of the Augusta National Golf Course, and witness God’s miraculous Hand in a crowded back booth in McDonald’s and a stressful intensive care unit on Christmas Eve.

Calculate all the money you’ll make here!

Buy copies of your own book here!

Hurry now! Prices start at only $999. Operators are standing by.

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