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Some “You Work For Us Summer Tour” Inspiration

billnelson.jpgThis is exactly what I’m talking about with the “You Work For Us Summer Tour.”  Huge kudos to Susan S. and her discussion with Sen. Bill Nelson at a public meeting

…Then Nelson decided that since no one else had brought up the Iraq War, he would tell us his take on it. Unfortunately for him, he began his explanation with a disclaimer about how he and the Congress had been lied to about the intelligence going into the war. Well that was it for me. I yelled out to him:

“Then why, when you know they can’t be trusted, when you know they lie to you, did you vote for the FISA bill that gives the incompetent Bush administration more power to spy on American citizens?”

He immediately said that he would answer my question after he talked about the war. (His aide came running over to get me to fill out a form with my name and address and comments for the senator, and also gave me her card.)

At least twice more I interrupted him during his pathetic attempt at an explanation, once by saying:

“I can’t believe you fell for it again. You just gave Alberto Gonzalez more power to spy on us.”

He made a lame attempt to joke about no one trusting Alberto Gonzalez, but then went on to say that this is only a temporary bill, yada, yada, yada. He also said that he trusted Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell to be honest with the Congress. (Didn’t he trust Gen. Colin Powell once upon a time too?)

It was a very frustrating, but rewarding experience. I have long been disappointed in Bill Nelson. Today I got the chance to tell him how I felt.

You go, Susan!  I am told that other folks have a meeting set up with Rep. Henry Waxman today — and I’m hoping for an update on that later after it concludes.  I have calls out to my elected representatives, and I will certainly let the WV readers know if and when I hear back on them. 

So, what have you set up with your elected folks?  If you have a scheduled meeting or if you go to a public meeting and ask some questions, let me know — both what you ask and how it is answered.  You get it on video and upload it to YouTube or elsewhere?  Send me a link.  (And take a peek at these great tips from Spazeboy if you plan on videotaping anything.  Excellent and incredibly useful stuff.)  You get a run around from your elected folks?  Let me know that, too, and we’ll try and keep up with what everyone is doing.  Or dodging, as the case may be.

Remember, being a citizen is not something that you are, it is something that you do.

It is past time that these elected folks realize that they work for us.  Now, let’s get to work…what are you planning to do today to let your elected officials know what you are thinking? 

(H/T to KagroX for e-mailing the link to Susan S’s DKos diary.  Great stuff!  And, btw, we’ll have more on letter writing in a bit…)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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