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Romney miffed by questions about faith and politics

Mitt’s trying to navigate attracting the bible beaters by citing his faith without drawing too much attention to Mormonism specifically, but he lost his cool when pressed about it by WHO’s Jan Mickelson, a conservative radio show host. (Politico):

During the show, Mickelson, a staunch conservative, pressed Romney on his abortion views and then pointed out that LDS doctrine discourages the practice. Romney, as he always does, was quick to steer the conversation away from what his church stands for. But Mickelson kept at it when the program went to break.

“I think you’re making a big mistake when you distance yourself from your faith,” Mickelson observed.  “I’m not distancing myself from my faith,” Romney forcefully responded. “I’m proud of my faith. There’s nothing I distance myself from.”

He got even more testy when asked by Mickelson to come back on the show to further discuss faith and politics.  Mitt didn’t know he know the mic and camera were still on when he blew a gasket.

“No, I don’t like coming on the air and having you go after me and my church,” Romney testily responded.

“I’m not going after your church; I agree with your church!” Mickelson replied somewhat incredulously.

“I’m not running as a Mormon,” Romney came back, “and I get a little tired of coming on a show like yours and having it all about Mormon.”

“See, I don’t mind about it being all about that,” Mickelson explained.

“I do. I do,” Romney struck back.

The bickering went on, even as Romney was walking out the studio door and pointed out that he’s “not running to talk about Mormonism.”

When you run a campaign taking positions based on personal religious faith (such as his flip-flopping on abortion and marriage equality), you have to be ready to defend those positions, both to those who would support you precisely because they believe in a faith-based campaign, and those who want faith kept out of government.

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