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Know Your Place?

Oooooh!  A fan video of Laura Bush, set to Tom Jones singing “She’s A Lady.”  Precious.

This political season is getting weirder by the minute.  Just a few lowlights from the past few days:

— Taylor hits the “sexing up the GOP” nail on the head, so to speak, with this:

The candidate’s husband is a strategic asset too, dare I remind the California Times. How is Clinton going to deploy her asset? For that matter, what about Elizabeth Edwards? She’s not sitting on anyone’s lap, and she’s not only a strategic asset, but a campaign dynamo. Then there’s Michelle Obama who is nobody’s slouch.

But what are the Republican wives offering? Canoodling. Fashion tips? No. Republican wives aren’t advocates for policy, they’re proof of, ahem, wood.

With a nominating field full of older men and younger wives, experts say that a youthful, even sexy wife offers a none-too-subtle message about the vitality of the candidate.

Nice try. As someone who has interviewed more people on marriage and sex than anyone in the blogosphere, this is so ignorant as to be mind boggling. What it illustrates is the candidate’s need to show vitality, not necessarily that he has it.

Ewwwwwww. Just….ewwwwww. Democratic females candidates get castigated for having breasts that are visible in any way, but male Republican candidates get bonus points for wives with bazoombas who lavish their candidate spouses with PDAs in an arm candy assist. Just so we all understand the landscape on this one.  Female dems?  One standard.  Females in the GOP?  Great for window dressing and virility boosts.  Got it.  I’ll try to be better about knowing my place.  (hahahahahaha…)

— Speaking of wives on public display, it seems the Thompson “faux campaign for maybe” has been fronting out a bit of resume enhancement for Mrs. Thompson.  It turns out that she is not an attorney, despite the fact that supporters have been prattling on for weeks now that she was with nary a correction from the Thompsons.  I love that the WaPo saw fit to delve into the love triangle of Jeri, Fred, and Margaret Carlson in all its gory.  (And yes, Digby has been talking about this for quite a while.  Here we go again with the virility creds for the GOP men.  What are they compensating for, one wonders?)  Have I said lately how much I love TBogg?  I’m in for half a ficus… 

Pam finds evidence that the “pray the gay away” crowd has gone further down the road to Crazy Town.  People in glass parties…I’m just saying.  (H/T to C&L.  Do click through on this one, it is laugh out loud funny. Consider this your spew alert.)

TBogg on the battle of the Evitas.  (Again, beware of the spew.  Mwahahahaha.)

— Shopaholics anonymous’ most famous poster girl has no follow through without a reminder from the media.

In a speech to a meeting of democratic freedom fighters in Prague on June 5, President Bush announced a concrete mission for his State Department. “I have asked Secretary Rice,” he said, “to send a directive to every U.S. ambassador in an unfree nation: Seek out and meet with activists for democracy. Seek out those who demand human rights.”

Nearly two months later, the cable had not been sent. (The State Department told me that it was dispatched late Friday — the day after I called the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor to inquire about it.)

What is this thing you call “work?”  Guess she needs to go back for another session on backhands with Monica Seles like she did during the immediate aftermath of Katrina, eh?  Competence, it’s the new…oh, hell, just forget it.

— Duncan finds a gem.

Is it me, or has political reporting gone all Fredericks of Bollywood this season?  (YouTube)

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