The big “christian war” on the gay community has been going on in the USA since shortly after Stonewall, and we really have not made any progress since then. Very little, if any.

The biggest problem with the gay community is they choose total pussies to lead the gay rights movement. Those who seek to “love and understand” these so-called “christian” lunatics do nothing but waste your time (and in many cases, take your money).

What progress do these people make?  None.

All the while, they try their best to make the gay community be as timid as possible (“be like Gandhi”), and take the crap these loony “christians” in name only says.

From weakling rabble-rousers like Matt “Matt Sanchez isn't the hypocrite” Foreman of the NGLTF, who is nothing but all talk and zero progress, to another Matt from Interstate Q, running behind the likes of Tyler Whitney, kissing his ass, and asking “are you not comfortable enough, while you hold your GO BACK IN THE CLOSET! sign?  Here, let me kiss your ass some more”; the gay community is better off without these people.

The nutty “christians” in name only are only getting louder, crazier, and more violent, and the last thing the gay community needs to do is hush up and offer “love, puppies and kisses” to those people. Nor do we need or want to “understand them”.

“Homosexuals are pedophiles”, “gays eat feces”, “kill the gays” – I understand them perfectly clear. No need to find the root of their issues, and don't care that they're loony. They're beyond help – Stacy Harp, Peter LaBarbera, Tyler Whitney, Matt Sanchez, Michael Glatze, Ann Coulter, and the whole fucking kooky lot of them. Don't want to show them love, don't want to befriend them, and I don't want to try to understand them, because their actions and words already have taken care of that. There's nothing more to “understand” about them.

The gay community needs to employ people who actually works for us, not against us (directly or indirectly). Get some more “attack dogs”, like Wayne Besen, for fucking gods sake. Somebody who's going to stand up to all this “christian” bullshit – not follow them around, kissing their asses, and offering them “love and understanding”. And these “Gandhi” wannabe types are not the folks for the job. We need people who will stand up for the community, and attack back at these “christian” kooks. None of these “I want to understand you” types.

And these “kiss the asses of your enemies” types also expects you to vote for either Hillary or Obama come 2008, because they “represent us”. The fuck they do! Those two idiots represent gays when they're giving them money, but that's about it. Name one who stands up to the “christian” lies about the gays? None of them.

The gays who want you to show “love and understanding” to these unstable “christians” are nothing more than the pied pipers leading the gay community over the cliff, and they work against GLBT's just as much as the likes of LaBarbera and Harp.

PS: No disrespect to those “Gandhi” gays – it's not that I dislike you. I just don't like you leading us around and instructing us to kiss these loonies asses and walk on eggshells around them is all. The time has come to cease the “love and understanding”, and instead, fire back with triple the force they use. These kooks have their O'Reilly's, Hannity's, Coulter's and Harp's to smear and try to destroy us 24/7 – so we need a few of our own as well. And sorry, but the “Gandhi” types are not the people I have in mind. Those guys like Foreman can go understand something or somebody a lot less dangerous to the gay community – like flowers, teddy bears, or rocks. That's about their level – anything more will be too scary for them.

These “christian” kooks are only getting louder and saying more violent things about gays, and they aren't going to get any quieter or less nuttier. Stop acting like wussies, stop wasting your time being nice to them, and take these freaks on – and not with “love and understanding”.




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