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Yearly Kos was a blast, but it’s nice to be back home again, despite returning to 100-degree heat. It was pouring rain when I left Chicago at 6 AM.

Amanda has roundup coverage here and here. Rod McCullom has a good  piece up on the Hillary Clinton individual breakout session. Jill @ Brilliant at Breakfast has a great post (And so goeth the Conclave of the Great Orange Satan) covering the overall success of the conference, which will be known next year as Netroots Nation.


In light of the Minnesota bridge collapse, you might want to know which bridges near you have been designated structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. You can use this interactive map from the U.S. Department of Transportation to locate them.

As of 2005, 26% of bridges are in  those two categories. Structurally deficient means the bridge is closed or restricted to light vehicles because of its condition. Functionally obsolete bridges have older design features and while not unsafe, they cannot handle current traffic volumes and vehicle sizes and weights.

Laughably, the wingers at WorldNetDaily blame Dems for the Minnesota collapse in one of its insane polls with 45% stating “Spendthrift Democrats have blown the money that should have gone to highways in order to fund the welfare state.”

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