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a174a6f7-480c-4b67-8e53-22321cb4b227.jpgSome newsy bits from Chicago:

TRex was out late last night, and looked like it. I tried not to ask questions.

The Presidential Forum turned into a bit of a rollicking affair. Did y’all watch it? I sat with Christy and Digby and Taylor Marsh. It’s hard to know what nugget to pull out, but this time, at least, there was some give and take exchange among the candidates and some live, spontaneous disagreement over substantive issues.

I spent a lot of this morning talking with immigration coalition people, from the foundations world and from labor, about how to change the national conversation in favor of real human rights through contemporary media and the blogs. This is an organizing issue, and hopefully, it may begin to be addressed.

I’ve met a bunch of members of our community and it’s been really fun to hear people say hello, stop me as I’m walking around, and even pronounce my nickname right (“Pach” rhymes with “watch.”)

Duncan is laughing at me for having to get a post up because we’re late. He just sat down next to me and is looking, as always, sly smarter than me.

What’s on your minds this afternoon?

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Pachacutec did not, as is commonly believed, die in 1471. To escape the tragic sight of his successors screwing up the Inca Empire he’d built, he fled east into the Amazon rain forest, where he began chewing lots of funky roots to get higher than Hunter Thompson ever dared. Oddly, these roots gave him not only a killer buzz, but also prolonged his life beyond what any other mortal has known, excluding Novakula. Whatever his doubts of the utility of living long enough to see old friends pop up in museums as mummies, or witness the bizarrely compelling spectacle of Katherine Harris, he’s learned a thing or two along the way. For one thing, he’s learned the importance of not letting morons run a country, having watched the Inca Empire suffer many civil wars requiring the eventual ruler to gain support from the priests and the national military. He now works during fleeting sober moments to build a vibrant progressive movement sufficiently strong and sustainable to drive a pointed stake through the heart of American “conservatism” forever. He enjoys a gay marriage, classic jazz and roots for the New York Mets.