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HillaryKOSI think people were split as to who won the debate, Obama or Edwards. Everyone pretty much agreed, however, that Hillary lost. Once Edwards opened up the challenge to her to refuse to take money from lobbyists, Hillary grabbed a shovel and just kept digging. After Edwards had her down Obama hit her, challenging her assertion that lobbyists had no undue influence on policy.

Dodd had a good moment when he called for public financing of elections. Also, during his blogger klatch he implicitly criticized the strategy of the Senate leadership for not forcing the Republicans to filibuster.

Edwards was funny and relaxed and had the crowd but I think Obama made a lot of people more comfortable about him with his willingness to challenge the existing power structure, especially the foreign policy establishment.

Matt Bai as a moderator detracted from the whole event with his penchant for inserting his ego in the debate as if he were hosting The Price is Right, something Anderson Cooper had the class and good sense not to do.

(photo by BHowdy)

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Jane Hamsher

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