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So, I’m Having Pizza With My Friends…

pizzaalfresco.jpgThought everyone might enjoy a bit of an update from here. We are having a lot of fun, but I have to say I’m really missing being on the blog. And, frankly, being mostly disconnected from news is painful. But catching up with everyone in person? I’m loving it!

After panels had concluded yesterday afternoon, and the FDL caucus that wasn’t really a caucus but was more of an “Oh, THAT is Redshift!” sort of meet and greet had concluded, a bunch of us went downstairs to find some food and beverages. The Hyatt that is attached to the convention center has a nice seating area both inside and out on a lovely, breezy patio.

And there is a pizza place that makes yummy thin crust pizzas that is adjacent to this, but it was packed full of YKos attendees. So, we improvised.

After pooling everyone’s money together, we got several pizzas and picked out a couple of choice tables on the patio. I sat by RevDeb and Kathryn in MA and Jessica (I think — oh, I hope I got that right, she’s a hoot and she works with Kathryn), and Scarecrow. Did I mention that Katymine brought me a fantastic cookbook back from her vacation in Crete? She’s giving me some copies fo photos that she took, so we’ll all get to go on vacation vicariously at some point during a Pull Up A Chair. (How fun is that?!?) Down the table from me a bit was Emptywheel and Siun and Virginia from the One Campaign and Ian Welsh and the fellow who developed of the Spotlight Project (that we love here at FDL, but whose name I’m blanking on because I’m so damned tired — James?  Mark Steckel). I know I’m missing people — it was two large tables full of some very fun folks, so my apologies in advance if I’ve forgotten to add someone to the list.

I had run into Markos earlier on the way to the patio and caught up a bit with him. His gorgeous wife — who runs MotherTalkers — is here with their two cute kids. Apparently the new dinosaur exhibit at the Field Museum is fantastic. Maybe I can find some time to slip over and see it while I’m here — and pick up a little something for The Peanut while I’m at it. She loves all things dinosaur.

So, anyway, we get this pizza, and we are all sitting around chatting…and it hits me that THIS is my favorite part of these sorts of conferences. I’m sitting at a table with some incredible people — folks who are very politically active in their own communities, who work on local and state level politics, and who make the engine of our nation run with the work they do. And they are all such fun people, too.

We must have sat there for more than two hours just laughing and haggling over details about this or that issue, and talking shop about an incredibly wide range of topics.

Siun and Ginny and Ian were talking global economics and poverty at one point, while Marcy and I were haggling over a Congressional hearing that did not go as well as we would have liked. And then Swopa showed up — his flight got in later today — and he jumped right into the conversation without missing a beat while Marcy and I were talking CIPA intricacies from the unsealed bits in the Libby trial. It’s always great to see Swopa, and I’m hoping that he finally got something good to eat after a disaster with an exceptionally charred pizza that he had to take back. (Long story…)

Have I mentioned how much I love these folks? I really do.

I swear, it is just like we have all been family forever. And that goes for everyone reading here as well. Jane said yesterday that you really do feel like you know all the folks so well who talk back and forth with you on the blog because all of the political stuff we talk about means so much to all of us. I completely agree with her.

I had a reader come up to me today and tell me that she had never, ever been politically active. But she read a post of mine during the run-up to the election where I said “so, what have you done today?” and she thought about it and realized she hadn’t really done anything politically, and got to work on a local campaign. She said it has changed her life realizing that she can really DO something to make things better. I cannot tell you what that meant to me to know that. Truly. And it doesn’t seem like we say this enough: So, from all of us to all of you…thank you. For everything.

(Photo via Mr. T in DC.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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