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Singapore bans photo exhibit because of same-sex kisses

“Presently, homosexual content is allowed in the appropriate context but it should not be of a promotional or exploitative nature. The proposed exhibition … which focuses mainly on homosexual kissing is deemed to promote a homosexual lifestyle, and cannot be allowed.”
—  statement from Amy Tsang, deputy director of media content for Singapore's Media Development Authority

And the kicker is the people in the photos are fully clothed.

The city-state's Media Development Authority denied the exhibition's organizers a license on the grounds that the photographs “promote a homosexual lifestyle,” Alex Au, founder of a Singapore gay rights group, People Like Us, told The Associated Press.

…The exhibition was part of “Indignation,” a two-week gay pride series of forums, film screenings, lectures and other events that was scheduled to start later Wednesday.

“It's absurd to think that gay people do not also kiss, and that representation of such a reality would be subversive,” Au said. “There is a very stereotypical representation of gays and lesbians as deviants and I think it is important to correct the stereotype.”

Au added that in place of the canceled exhibition, organizers have planned a talk to be accompanied by a slideshow of the photographs. Indoor gatherings do not require police permits.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding