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Friday Evening News Roundup

contortionist.jpg (No special significance to the picture; that’s just how I feel today. 🙂

— In a state that when I was growing up under Democratic governors was noted for its excellent social services and infrastructure, we now find that the decades of neglect and infrastructure starvation ushered in nationally by Ronald Reagan and locally by Al Quie has now put 25% of Minnesota’s roads, once the envy of the nation, in dangerous must-replace shape, and this long-deferred replacement will cost billions.

— File this under WTF?!: “Valerie Plame worked at the Central Intelligence Agency from 1985 to 2006. I am allowed to write that fact which is now both public knowledge and published in the Congressional Record. But Valerie Plame can’t include it in her memoir, according to a new court ruling which says the information was classified and has never officially been acknowledged by the CIA. (NY Times)”

— Here’s the FCC’s Michael Copps at Yearly Kos on why you should uphold Net Neutrality.

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