Your morning Bollywood jolt…wake up and smell the darjeeling.

Digby takes an idea from the Doughy Pantload to its logical conclusion. To some hilarious results. Snerk.

Wolcott speculates about the frightening depths of wingnuttia on film. No wonder the Republican presidential candidates are running away from the debate. And dammit if he hasn’t put me off tiramisu for all eternity with this one…

— It’s another edition of “I agree with TBogg.” TBogg also finds a disturbing lack of…well…a lack, period, within the Republican back benchers and Floppy Fred. (And it won’t be the same party without you, man.)

Compensation? (Seemed to match up well with Floppy Fred.)

— Moooooooooommmmy. Watertiger has a Guiliani photo that is creeping me out!

— Bush Administration: yet again, they suck at the math. (And they use their suckitude to lie about the economy…lovely.)

— David Brooks is feeling left behind…and Taylor wonders if it is foreshadowing of even better things to come. Here’s hoping!

— And finally, a moment of British press zen (via Froomkin):

“Gone was the informality of the Blair years: the casual clothes (who can forget ambassador Christopher Meyer’s description of Tony Blair’s ‘ballcrushingly tight corduroys’?) and the matey exchanges of banter between British prime minister and American president.

“Instead, Brown was businesslike almost to the point of coolness.

“Where Tony Blair fell hook, line and sinker for Mr Bush’s flattery, Mr Brown seemed utterly impervious to it. . . .

“Good. For won’t this new, more formal relationship be far healthier — for both Britain and the U.S?”

Uh oh. I feel a new hate speech O’Reilly jihad coming on after that corduroy comment… For extra giggles, do read Dana Milbank’s take on the Bush-Brown summit. Priceless.

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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