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Please Don’t Be Stupid

stupid.jpgLet’s look at Team Bush’s sudden decision — after years of not previously giving a damn — that FISA needs to be “reformed”.  “Reformed” of course meaning “giving Bush more powers than he already has”.

Here’s what the ACLU has to say about this:

President Bush is creating a false sense of emergency in Washington, demanding that Congress rubberstamp a spying program it knows almost nothing about. Meanwhile, the White House refuses to comply with requests for basic information about warrantless wiretapping and Congress can’t get straight answers out of Attorney General Gonzales.
Unbelievably, President Bush says if Congress doesn’t pass his legislation this week, the Democrats will be responsible for any terrorist attacks that may happen in August ,even though he’s demonstrated no relationship between his proposals and a safer America.
The worst part is that Congress may actually be falling for Bush’s rhetoric.

Take Action: Tell Congress NOT to Cave In to Fear.

The good news is that the Democrats are starting to listen to us. That’s probably why BushCo had it “leaked” about the alleged Al-Qaeda threat to Congress over the recess. (I want to know two things: why would Al-Qaeda attack Congress when nobody’s there, and who in the world thinks it’s a good idea to let terrorists know that we know what they’re planning — that is, assuming this is for real.)

But we need to step it up. Here’s a link that allows you to contact your congresscritters.  Tell them — politely, of course — to please don’t be stupid not to fall for Bush and Rove’s banging the fear bucket one more time.

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