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Australia…Another Step Backward in Evolution and Tolerance

Another country puts sticking it to “teh gays” over what it should be doing: Making sure that all children needing loving homes get them…


 Australia Moves To Ban Gay Couples From Adopting Overseas

 From the article:


Australia's largest LGBT civil rights organization said Thursday that the bill shows the government of Prime Minister John Howard believes a child is better off in an Asian orphanage than with a loving same-sex couple.

“For a government to deliberately set out to stigmatize same-sex couples and their children to win a few votes in the lead up to an election is beneath contempt,”  Rodney Croome, of the Australian Coalition for Equality told the AAP news service.

“The government clearly believes children are better off in a Chinese orphanage or on the streets of Manila than in the care of a loving same-sex couple in Australia.”






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