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Scott Jennings appears before the  Senate Judiciary Committee:

Leahy:  You work at the White House, you’re paid for by taxpayers, you work for the American people, I’m just asking you what kind of work you do.

Jennings:  Sir I understand and based on my understanding of the letter I have from Mr. Fielding this falls under the president’s assertion of Executive Privilege and therefore I must respectfully decline to answer at this time.

What exactly doesn’t fall under Executive Privilege as far as George Bush is concerned?  Barney’s Rose Garden bouquets?

Leahy also says that the Supreme Court has now become “an arm of the Republican party.”  I hope the good Senators keep this in mind when deciding an appropriate course of action to take to deal with those who are so openly contemptuous both of our laws and their authority.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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