Perish the thought….
Come back to the disco, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean..

Big Brain Bryan, who lives in Michelle Malkin’s basement and mows her lawn so she doesn’t have to hire, you know, one of them, writes about Beauchamp:

And what’s he asking us to do today? Why, he’s asking us to trust his relaying the word of a bunch of anonymous sources. “I can’t show you any evidence or introduce you to a single corroborating witness…”

Oh, he has “corrorborating witnesses,” or so he says. But they’re all anonymous. And they might all be the same person. We have no way of evaluating what the witness or witnesses say, because conveniently for TNR they’re not identified.

Because none of the flying monkeys of the right would then take those people’s names and start combing through their past (including, but not limited to, bridal registries) looking for anything they could twist or smear them with. Although scam artist, gay hooker/porn stars seem to be able to pass the Conservative sniff test, so I guess there is hope…

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