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  If you want to make a difference here is your chance.

I know you most have read the article about my blog coming out on Queersighted and other articles I have posted  about my recent experiences on the Web site The Outer Banks Connection.

I was wondering if you, my readers might like be of a little more help.

The Outer Banks Connection is supposed to represent the Outer Banks… a place that I dearly love. But if you check out one of the latest strings you can see this site is promoting way more then the OBX. It has become a haven for a few bigoted individuals who are using it to espouse their very prejudiced views on everything from gays to 'non Americans'.

Now like most bigots, when you read this string that I linked to, you can see they have no idea what they are saying is in any way bigoted, they think they are good decent folks, but are willing to attack and defend those dogmatic views, going as far as threatening physical violence to any one opposed. How many time have we run into people like this? People who will say some of my best friends are… you can fill in the blank… but you know they should just keep to their own. People who's main goal in almost everything they say is to somehow make some minority second class to them.

We have big voices as bloggers, so I’d like to know if you would be willing to use that voice to help start an E Mail campaign to this sites sponsors pointing out that this is not showing the Outer Banks as a very friendly place if you are not white, ‘Non- American’ or not straight.

As bloggers we are always posting on topics and saying ‘hey look how wrong this is’, we express our views about politics, surfboard choices or our sexual orientation. Yes what we post to our blogs represent what we think about a subject to be sure and no one comes to our sites without a good idea what they are going to find when they get there and these blogs are the proper place for that exchange of personnel ideas.

But The Outer Banks Connection is different; this site does not say ‘hey this is the Straight White American OBX site’, it says its ‘The Outer Banks busiest message board with great information on your favorite area. Ask questions, get answers and talk about OBX.

No this is not people advocating other to go out and bash gays with baseball bats or burn the 'non americans' homes to the ground this is something more insidious for if you are not the target you probably wouldn't notice it and its a classic example of what the real problem for every minority trying to gain acceptance is.

The bigotry here is not overt, it is very sublime, but certain folks there make it very clear what kind they don’t happen want around… After reading the string, you can hardly be left to wonder what would happen to someone naive enough to ask if there was any kind of Gay scene here in the OBX there?

This is in a site that is sponsored heavily by some of our biggest OBX businesses, it is very popular and with good Google placement, so like me, I’m sure a lot of folks will go there and do exactly what the sites creators asked them to do and that is share information.

I love my Outer Banks and don’t want the world to think that we are nothing but a bunch of red-necked bigots out here. So here is a chance to really change something, even if it is a little something; please write the sponsors of this site and tell them you don’t want to know about the core readership not liking ‘non Americans’ or gays or anybody else, that if these folks want to express these views then have the sponsors tell them they should start a blog and do so where other going in will know what those views are from the get go, but stop doing it on a site that represents an area that in no way thinks as they do.

I would also ask that if you see this situation as wrong then blog about it, and at least let your readers know that if they are planning a vacation to the Outer Banks and end up at The Outer Banks Connection looking for information on the Outer Banks be very cautious about what they happen to ask in the Outer Bank Connection, because they could get way more information then they planned on.