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Open thread – hitting the road, part 2

[UPDATE (11:15 PM): What a nightmare. I have a HUGE problem. My res at the Hyatt McCormick (for August 1-5) is screwed up. I arrived tonight and checked in and the reservation was only for tonight (and the hotel is sold out starting tomorrow). Basically, I have nowhere to stay after checkout time tomorrow AM. Nice. Perhaps I should have stayed home.

UPDATE 2 (Thurs 6AM): Thanks to the yeoman overnight efforts of the staffs of Yearly Kos and the Hyatt, I won’t be ejected from my room this morning. I know that was difficult to arrange.]

It seems like I just landed in NC after a trip to NYC. Oh, that’s right, I did. Well, I’m off again, this time to YearlyKos Chicago until Sunday. 

I’m slated to be part of a roundtable, “Holding Congress Accountable for a Progressive Agenda,” at 8 AM on Thursday. Somehow I was also wrangled to co-facilitate the LGBT caucus as well as a regional one (Atlantic South – VA/WV/NC/MD/DE). Don’t ask me why — clearly they do not know I’m a recovering introvert.

The convention program is here (3.3MB PDF).

Folks can watch the goings-on virtually via Second Life. If you actually make it to venue, I’ll have some Pam’s House Blend magnets to pimp the blog if you want one.

I’ll post pics and commentary on the goings-on for you. As always, I have a few posts queued up while I’m traveling, perking up some Blend. It goes without saying folks — read and post diaries and enjoy the coffeehouse!

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