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Hypocrite Much, Guys?

hitler.jpgchurchill.jpgThe nameless fellow(s?) and good friend of Michelle Malkin’s behind the right-wing blog aggregator Volunteer Opinion Journal thinks he’s caught us all being naughty. Pretty mild stuff, compared to what his comrades were and are saying about Scott Thomas Beauchamp (for more, go here and here), but hey, you work with the “hate speech” you have, not the hate speech you wish you had — such as what regularly issues from the posts and comments over at Michelle Malkin’s shop. These people are the Republican base, and as TRex points out, this is precisely why the Republicans don’t dare do a YouTube debate in which their base has any sort of say: It would hand the presidential election to the Democrats the same way that Pat Buchanan’s Republican-pleasing froth-at-the-mouth speech at the 1992 Republican National Convention guaranteed that Bill Clinton would be our next president.

Of course, what our nameless commentator doesn’t mention is that the vast majority of non-righty bloggers and commenters talking about Roberts’ seizure, such as Digby and our own Pachacutec in my respectful post on the subject, urged our readers to play nice with regard to Roberts. I’ve gone poking about the VOJ looking for his thoughts on Scott Thomas Beauchamp, and I’ve yet to see him — or any other right-wing blogger or radio host, with the sole honorable exception of John Cole (for which he got flamed, repeatedly, by other righty bloggers and their readers) — tell his fan base and other conservative personalities to play nice where Beauchamp is concerned. (I’ve also yet to see Mister VOJ, or any other conservative commentator of any sort, condemn Michael Savage for trying to blame John Roberts’ health problems on a Democratic conspiracy.)

Once again, the wingnutosphere’s accusing non-wingers of bad behavior is like Hitler accusing Churchill of war crimes. Or Hot Tub Tom DeLay condemning Bill Clinton’s morality. Or Republican Newt Gingrich hounding his Democratic predecessor out of the Speaker’s job and the House over a $50,000 book deal even as he himself was making a $4 million book deal with Rupert Murdoch in exchange for the legislation that made FOX News possible.

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