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Tillman? Never Heard of Him.

rumsfeldsquints.jpgDonald Rumsfeld is evidently refusing to testify before Henry Waxman’s committee regarding the death of Pat Tillman. This comes on the heels of Fred Fielding refusing to release documents to the committee regarding Tillman’s death, citing “executive privilege:”

“There is no Executive Privilege claim that holds any water when the matter is the death of an American soldier – especially one who had been used by the Administration as a poster for the war,” said Jon Soltz, an Iraq War veteran who heads the group, in a statement sent to RAW STORY. “By refusing to release every pertinent document, the White House is fostering a climate of distrust among those in the military, hurting efforts to recruit new soldiers, insulting the memory of Pat Tillman, and causing undue pain to his family. Unless the President has something to hide, he should release all the documents requested by Republicans and Democrats on the Committee.”

As Jill recently mused, “Executive privilege now is defined as ‘Anything that would get us into trouble if released.'”

Some enterprising sportscasters really need to pick this story up. It deserves to be carried far and wide to a lot of people who just aren’t going to be exposed to it under other circumstances.

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