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Scottish Haggis’ 18 Hours

What is it with news outlets and the who, what, why, when, where of briefings? The Hill, in its description of Specter’s 18 hour deadline for the Administration, names neither all the people who briefed Specter (it reveals Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell was one of the briefers) nor all the people who got briefed ("other Senators," Specter says). Though some of this is Specter, once again, trying to be clever, rather than any fault of The Hill.

Most likely, the Administration is being forced to come out with the earthshattering revelation that … they’ve been parsing wildly to avoid admitting they’ve been breaking the law. Wow. Big news, huh? Wake me up for that revelation, would you?

But Specter seems determined to make it work to save Gonzales’ job, because he says it’s "premature to consider" forcing Gonzales out of the job. (Is this Specter’s last ditch attempt to undercut Jay Inslee’s impeachment resolution?)

Apparently, some things never change. Specter will always, ultimately, dig up weasely ways to help the Administration while he kids himself that he’s being tough. And Gonzales will alway lie.

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