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Randi Rhodes' Anti-Trans Speech Continues After An Apparently Insincere Apology

After her recent, previous attempt to be anti-trans-humorous, Randi Rhodes made a measured apology at

This is my second attempt at posting a reply because I feel awful about your PERCEPTION of who I am. Can YOU imagine that? Being misunderstood?

I am honesty sorry if my attempt at humor failed.

I have only the greatest of intentions when I go after the likes of Ann Coulter who spews HATE ad naseum . She despises people like US -and by this I mean good and decent warm and loving people WHO DON’T BUY HER BULL***t OR her BOOKS.

She has attacked you deliberatly [sic], attacked me shamelessly, all liberals, atheists and anyone who gets in her way, on her nerves or in her pocket.

The little black cocktail dress and long blonde hair routine is her entre [sic] into the elite media where she gets access to large audiences who she gives PERMISSION to hate. She VALIDATES them and I’m sick of it. You can’t shame her into being truthful or kind. She is a person without conscience.

My friends come in all genders. I helped my friend transition. I saw her “friends” leave skid marks because it was just too much for them. I know what this is. And because I do, I take liberties. That means I try to make you laugh at yourself. Perhaps I was wrong to try. I meant to let you know that I am aware of what it’s like to suddenly have your hormones TOTALY OUT OF CONTROL. That’s all.

Sometimes jokes don’t play well. I am sorry for the lame attempt and will try to do better. My heart is in the right place.

I only wish you the best life possible and much LOVE

ALL ways,

Randi Rhodes

Yet again though, Randi Rhodes recently used her show to mock Ann Coulter for having an Adam’s Apple — this time in a show promo (Audio: here.). Rhodes’ use of the Austin Powers’ audio clip of “That’s a MAN, baby!” tells me that she still thinks transwomen are really just whack-a-doodle men.

Does she not get that mocking Ann Coulter by using various forms of transgender related insults also insults transgender people in the process? Does she really not get that many real transwomen have Adam’s Apples, and that her running Adam’s Apple based insults are vulgar and inhuman towards those and other transwomen? Her apology above indicates that she, on some level, does understand.  She just doesn’t care.

Whatever Rhodes is or understands, she doesn’t appear to be the kind of progressive that understands progressive values include responsibility, fairness, trust, cooperation and community-building — values that all figure prominently in extending civil rights and protections for everyone. If Rhodes’ were truly progressive, she’d get that insulting people for their physical appearance — even people as offensive as Ann Coulter — isn’t light-hearted humor. This Ann-Coulter-is-a-transsexual running “joke” is just offensive and bigoted, and it is counterproductive towards obtaining civil rights and protections for the everyone that includes transpeople.

I’m sticking with my previous conclusion that Randi Rhodes is an anti-trans bigot — and that her anti-trans bigotry is just as bad as Michael Savage’s anti-trans bigotry. She might believe her heart is in the right place with her Coulter insults, but the persistent, anti-transgender speech she uses on her show to insult Coulter is wrong-headed and offensive; it insults transwomen in the process of insulting Coulter.

And, her previous apology shows that at least on some level, she gets that.

H/t: Marti Abernathey at

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