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Cheney Behind Abu’s Midnight Rendezvous?

dick-cheney.jpgShooter is having a gingko moment of his own:

On Sunday, Josh Marshall pointed out that the New York Times editorial on the potential need to impeach Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said that “Vice President Dick Cheney sent Mr. Gonzales and another official to Mr. Ashcroft’s hospital room to get him to approve the wiretapping.” As Marshall noted, before the editorial, Cheney’s involvement in the incident had never been established.

Today on CNN, in a preview of his interview with the Vice President tonight, Larry King said he asked Cheney about the allegation. “I asked the Vice President about that and the story that he was the one that asked him to go,” said King. “And he said he had no recollection.”

“He did not want to deal with specifics, which tells me, they’re looking at trouble,” King added. “If you don’t want to deal with specifics…I think you’re looking at trouble and you’re looking the other way if you’re denying it.”

Unless they’re all banding together in a grand “I am Spartacus” gesture — and I don’t think they’re that clever — I think we probably don’t risk much by assuming that means “yes.”

I can’t think of a creepier moment in recent BushCo history than Andy Card saying that he and Abu were just there to “wish him well.” It’s certainly not a stretch to see Cheney indulging himself in a Tony Soprano shoulder roll and launching the two of them on the hospitalized man like that.

Kinda like having a bunch of tame little birdies released in front of your gun and hoping you’re not too tanked up to hit ’em.

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