(Jim Naugle's stance on something that haven't happened in the public restrooms is now being supported by some organization that is full of more shit than the toilets themselves…the AFA.  Let's see what Dandy Don and the Tupelo Mafia have to say about it.)

Mayor tells truth, attacked by homosexual activists

(If Naugle is actually telling the truth, then he wouldn't be “attacked” by activists.)

Send a thank you note to Mayor Naugle for his bold, politically incorrect stand.

(Naugle's stance isn't “politically incorrect”.  It's politically ignorant!)

Mayor Jim Naugle of Ft. Lauderdale has issued an apology to the people of his city for being unaware of the magnitude of local public homosexual sex. He has also vowed to do something about it.

Naugle apologized for underestimating the problem of men having sex with each other in public restrooms. He also said that Broward County leads the nation in the number of new AIDS cases involving men having sex with men, and he questioned whether the county tourism office should be welcoming them.

As expected, the homosexuals have begun a vicious campaign against Mayor Naugle.

The mayor said a Web site about “cruising for sex” directs people to two Ft. Lauderdale parks, and he asked responsible members of the homosexual community to work with him to get those parks off the website.

(1. Responsible homosexuals would work with Naugle if he's responsible.

2. Naugle should apologize for being stupid.)

Blood From Machines

Blood From Machines