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Late Nite FDL: Yes, Miss Malkin, Your Blog is a Hate Site

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Michelle Malkin about swallowed her tongue last week when Glenn Greenwald correctly labeled her blog and multimedia vanity project “hate sites”. Greenwald took a representative sample of the comments on display there and found more vile racist cant and thinly-veiled calls to violence than you’d find at a Republican Bake Sale.

The examples are sort of grimly funny, not so much for their lunk-headed content, but for the criminal way in which Malkinites seem to compulsively butcher the English language. There seems to be absolutely no distinction between “their”, “they’re”, and “there”, or “to”, “too”, and “two”.

You always know you’re at a Right Wing site by the anarchic state of their homonyms. I don’t understand where the nativist, anti-Mexican crowd gets off insisting that every one must read, write, and speak English when they so clearly are incapable of it themselves.

Well, Michelle, of course, grandly faked another one of her (as TBogg says) “back-arching ragegasms”, decrying The Left as the real hate-mongers, frantically googling her name and any liberal blog name she could think of and posting links to the results in her post, apparently believing that for any progressive to mention her name at all is tantamount to “hate”.

Actually, a friend of mine said that in the original post, most of those links went directly to posts of mine, which would have been thrilling had she kept it. I guess she figured out pretty quickly that I would dance a jig of joy around the room. That single act would have confirmed all my fondest wishes. It would mean that she reads absolutely every word I write about her (as I have long suspected) and fulminates about it in seething rage and misery when she can’t sleep at night. Poor, poor little pointy-headed thing.

One thing I have noticed in my studies of Malkin’s spells of mental and emotional affliction over time is that she apparently has the memory and attention span of a fruit-fly. Just days after screeching and rending her garments about how hateful, racist, and elitist us Lefties are, she has gone and deliberately posted a photo of a Koran floating in a toilet on the front page of her blog. (Link deactivated per reader request)

Given that she has posted extensively on the riots that resulted from reports of desecration of the Koran in US prison camps, Malkin (whatever she may claim) has obviously posted this photo to be as hateful and inflammatory as she possibly can. Can you imagine the flap that would erupt if I or any other liberal blogger posted a photo of a Bible (or even a Book of Mormon) submerged in a toilet? Bill Donohue would be so outraged that he would spontaneously combust (but not before going on every major news network to decry the blasphemy in particular and “godless” liberals in general). Bill O’Reilly would get so heated that he wouldn’t need batteries for his vibrator anymore. It would just run on rage.

So, yes, Michelle, you may not use the f-word on your blog, but you’re confusing message with medium there. You can try as hard as you like to nitpick through every blog post we write about you and call them evidence that the Left is as crazy and pig-ignorant as you are, but nothing will obviate the fact that your blogs and syndicated column have been an unending geyser of racially, religiously, and ideologically based hate since their inception.

I believe that Mr. Greenwald has you dead to rights, ma’am. You truck in nothing but hate. Rage and fear are the only colors on your emotional palette. You can put as much lipstick on your pet pigs as you want, honey, but the fact remains: they’re still pigs.

Try and get some rest, dear.

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