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Let’s Lose the Losing Attitude! Kucinich for President*2008

I”ve heard it a hundred times if I've heard it once: “Dennis Kucinich agrees with all my beliefs, and is easily the best candidate.  I'm not voting for him, though, because he just doesn't have a chance.”

This is the kind of attitude that's gotten us the garbage that we've had in the white house for the past several presidencies!

We need to be out spreading the word via fliers, chat boards, and good old fashioned word of mouth.  When someone says the above, just say “alot of people I know of are voting for him.”  Alot of people I know of ARE voting for him!

Let's get things going for the only candidate that's for true freedom and justice for all, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Here's a copy of a flier that I went and handed out in a store parking lot today, you can fit 2 on a page:


Dennis Kucinich for President*2008    


                                             Here's why I”m voting for Dennis Kucinich 2008:


1.)    He is the only democratic candidate who voted against the war on Iraq  and who consistently opposed it.


2.)    He is the only candidate who sued the President to try to prevent him from going to war without a declaration from Congress.


3.)    He is the only democratic candidate who will repeal NAFTA and withdraw from the WTO, replacing these agreements that have cost us so many hundreds of thousands of jobs with fair bilateral trade agreements that protect jobs, workers’ rights, human rights, and environmental quality principles.


4.)    He is the only candidate with a single-payer plan that provides every man, woman, and child with comprehensive health coverage from whatever doctors they choose, and does so through a tax on employers that is lower than what employers who now provide coverage pay on average.


5.)    He is the only democratic candidate who voted against the “Patriot Act” and who has introduced a bill to repeal major sections of it.


6.)    He is the only candidate who will redirect our priorities from war and tax cuts for millionaires to peace and education, including free college tuition.


7.)    He is the only candidate who will make 20 percent of our energy use renewable rather than fossil fuels by 2010.


8.)    He is the only democratic candidate who will focus on breaking up monopolies, including agri-business monopolies and media monopolies.


9.)    He’s the only candidate who’s started impeachment proceedings on the Bush regime.

10. He's the only candidate who'll let us make our own choices in our bedrooms and personal lives by legalizing gay marriage. 


Please, help create a brighter future for everyone~


                Vote Kucinich 2008


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