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Joe Lieberman: “An American Embarassment”

lieberman.jpgJoe Klein responds to Glenn Greenwald (sort of), but he also seems to be in touch with the fact that Lieberman has gone off the deep end:

My hope last summer was that Lieberman would respond to the Ned Lamont challenge by returning to the land of the sentient and rethinking his foolish position on the war. He has done the opposite–and I’m grateful to Greenwald for pointing out the utterly disgraceful depths to which Lieberman has fallen. Anyone who trucks with these right-wing fundamentalists who take the Book of Revelation literally is a fool. I mean, Joe, don’t you realize that in the rapture, we Jews get incinerated?

Regular readers of Swampland–and Lieberman’s office, which called me in anger–know that I’ve been hammering Lieberman in recent months for his use of words like “surrender” to describe those of us who want a phased withdrawal of American troops (starting now) and for his witting misrepresentations of counterinsurgency strategy and the facts on the ground in Iraq. His Likudnik extremism has become so egregious that he can only be described as an American embarrassment…and, sad to say, not a very serious person, either.

It’s odd to lump Joe Klein in with Max Blumenthal, but Klein makes explicit why this the weld spot between evangelical Christians and Jews is just so frigging weird. Is everybody in attendance so completely insane they don’t understand how…um…divergently this particular alliance is supposed to end?

The good news: somebody who is in fact considered “serious” realized Lieberman is just plain nuts.

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Jane Hamsher

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