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Come Saturday Morning: Post-Potter Depression?

hp.jpgWell, I finally got The Book, and read The Book, and danged if pretty much all my predictions (except for the biggest) were flat-out wrong.  I blame JKR for being evil and inconsistent.  Waaah.  (No, I won’t say what my predictions were — you’ll have to go back to my post last week to see them — so fear not that you’ll be reverse-spoilered if you keep reading this particular post.)

 There’s been an incredible amount of angst and wailing among the established Potter fandom, especially amongst those who had favorite characters who they felt got a raw deal.  It seems a bit odd to talk about fictional characters getting a raw deal when actual people are starving in Darfur and being shot to death in Iraq, but nonetheless the feelings are there.

So anyway, to keep those who haven’t yet read the book from being spoiled, I will just point out to those that have already read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows some links that are indicative of major fannish reaction.  The links will be given letter designations:  A B C D; you can say that “I think whoever wrote the piece at Link A is full of crap” but please try not to go into detail unless you know how to make the magic white font.  (To make the magic white font: [font color=white]text to be rendered invisible until highlighted[/font color], except use the “<” and “>” keys instead of the “[” and “]” keys to bracket your commands.)

For the rest of you:  Tell me what’s shakin’ where you are.  Are you enjoying life this fine Saturday morning?

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