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The USA Purge, to Date

This is my general review of the interim report on the USA Purge. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you read the post on the Iglesias cover-up, which I believe to be the most important aspect of the report.

The report on the findings to date in the USA purge lists the following crimes and violations that may have been committed in the course of the USA firings:

  • Obstruction of justice, attempted obstruction of justice [18 USC 1503, 1505, 1512(c)(2)]
  • Criminal Hatch Act violations [18 USC 606]
  • Presidential failure to ensure that laws are faithfully executed [Constitution, Article II, Section 3]
  • Civil Hatch Act violations [5 USC 7323(a)(1)]
  • Federal Civil Rights laws [18 USC 242]
  • Conspiracy [18 USC 2, 371]
  • Perjury [18 USC 1621]
  • False Statements [18 USC 1001]

For a number of these potential crimes (particularly obstruction and criminal Hatch Act violations), the report cites multiple possible violations. This is a list that bloggers on this topic need to keep ready at hand, because it puts in concrete terms what this whole investigation is about. This report, for the first time, makes clear that Congress is investigating real criminal violations, that evidence suggests a crime was committed, and that by invoking executive privilege, the White House is obstructing the investigation into potential crimes.

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