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The Peter receives mail from Jesus' General

Protect your keyboards and prepare to be entertained.

Dear Mr. LaBarbera,

I know you are very busy searching for the perfect nipple chain to wear the next time you infiltrate a leather event, but I think the mayor of Fort Lauderdale has come up with a way to defeat the homosexuals once and for all. Godly men like you and me can help him by asking our state legislatures to pass the following resolution.

Click over and read the resolution; it's a howler. The General also leaves a priceless comment at the ActiveChristianMedia YouTube site, which features “Support Jim Naugle” videos.

patriotboy1  (10 hours ago)   Marked as spam 
Thank you. I can't go into a public restroom anymore without some guy sucking my cock. I'll be standing there with my little soldier hanging out, waiting for a urinal to free up and next thing I know, some homosexual is doing a lip lock on it and humming old Judy Garland songs. Hell, I don't know what to do about it other than moan and grab his ears, so thats what I usually end up doing. Now, I won't have to.

* Flushing Naugle
* Fundie defends homophobic robo-potty mayor Naugle
* Pro-diversity rally in Ft. Lauderdale today to counter the $250K robo-potty mayor

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