Nobody likes a snitch

Bob Owens, the Confederate Yankee, (who can’t serve in Iraq because he’s got that bad knee, doncha know) is serving his country the best he knows how by poring over Scott Thomas Beauchamp’s writings looking for anything to, hmmmm, what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah, “fuck him over“:

In addition to his short-lived career as a probable fabulist in The New Republic, Scott Thomas Beauchamp’s blog has turned up a self-incriminating clear violation of operational security:

Another long day…cleaning an M16, landscaping, dipping Pro Masks (gas masks to civilians) into strange concotions, a little bit of office work…basically a hodpodge of menially tasks to keep me busy. We finally got official dates on Iraq deployment: May 15 – Our Bradleys get shipped to Kuwaite June 11- Advanced Units move in June 28 – Bravo Team, second squad, first platoon, Alpha Company, first battalion, 18th brigade, first infantry division (the breakdown of who I belong to) deploys. Were probably going to sit in Kuwaite for some unknown amount of time, and then move into Baghdad…

That post is over a year old and was obsoleted be a changed deployment schedule, but the facts are clear: Beauchamp clearly violated operational security regulations by posting the deployment schedule for his unit to his blog.

Major Kirk Luedeke, PAO for 4th IBCT, 1st ID at FOB Falcon, stated in response to my inquiry about this blog entry:

It most certainly is an OPSEC violation.

Owens certainly is a weaselly little fuck, isn’t he?

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