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Laff fest from — videos of support for the $250K potty mayor of Ft. Lauderdale, homophobe Jim Naugle. Have tissues ready as you weep with laughter.

Left: “Mayor Jim Naugle Under Attack by Homosexual Activists.” Right: “Mayor Jim Naugle Awarded Protector of the Family Award.”

The cheesy music is rockin’!

What’s so ridiculous is that the videos portray the LGBT activists as in favor of sex in public restrooms, when that’s obviously not the case. The rally is about the embarrassment heaped by Naugle on their city; he continues his homobigoted bleating even though the police have said there have been no reports of this imagined orgy of men in public beach restrooms.

* Flushing Naugle
* Fundie defends homophobic robo-potty mayor Naugle
* Pro-diversity rally in Ft. Lauderdale today to counter the $250K robo-potty mayor

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Pam Spaulding